I’m surprised that you managed to find your way here since I haven’t advertised this blog yet, but welcome and I’m glad you found it. I’m still working on the site but we should be up and running soon.

I am a vegan living in Southern California’s beautiful Santa Clarita Valley. I often wonder how many vegans are actually in the SCV; perhaps this little blog project will give us a clue. The purpose of this blog is to initiate some kind of discussion and awareness among SCV’s vegan population. Any related news, vegan-friendly eateries and events will be posted here.

I’m new to the blog scene so any suggestions or criticisms are greatly appreciated. I also have a web forum so please check it out and let your voice be heard.

In kale we trust,



3 Responses

  1. Can I comment on my own blog?

  2. sweet site for vegans bro. i digggg it..

  3. Saw your little green / sticker at Whole Foods today.
    I live in Palmdale but love to come to SCV just to go to Whole Foods!!! love it..plan on investing in their stock.
    Vegan now for 2 months…best thing ever.So excited about my “new lifestyle”. Trying out all products available. Would love to participate and help get together a great pot luck, social event. Let me know how I can help…Holly

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