Costco and Soymilk

Costco for vegans in the SCV can be a surprisingly good place to shop for certain items. Their stock changes from time to time but for things like soymilk, snacks, salad greens and quick meal items it can be a good resource. Soymilk is something you will find in mass quantity and surprising variety at Costco. I believe there were four different varieties there when I strolled around the aisles on Saturday.

Costco Soymilk vanilla The Vanilla Organic Soymilk from Kirkland Signature is a refrigerated 3-pack of 1-half gallon cartons. The cost is $6.99

Costco Soymilk plainOrganic Plain Soymilk also by Kirkland Signature is a box of 12, 1-quart cartons that do not require refrigeration before opening. Also available in vanilla. The cost is $11.39

Costco Soymilk vitasoy chocolate Organic Chocolate Soymilk from Vitasoy comes in a box of 12 non-refrigerated bottles each 11.5 fl oz.. The cost is $12.99


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  1. When I started to have digestive problems drinking milk I was so depressed because I knew I was growing intolerant. I couldn’t live without a good swallow of milk with my cookies and sandwiches. I knew about soymilk but never tried it so when I saw that big box of Soymilk for $7 with a 8 month shelf life I was exited to give it a try.

    I’ll only drink soymilk now. It’s great stuff not to mention all the nutritional benefits. It’s all about Cosco for soymilk. I love it.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I think many are surprised to find out that most of the world’s population are lactose intolerant. Not only that, but it’s one of the most common food allergies as well.

    The non-refrigerated boxes are nice, as I do not use soymilk that often and it allows me to open a small container and keep the others in the pantry until I need them.

    • I have a question about B12 in the kirklands organic soymilk sold in costco. Is it from plant based or animal based vitamin? I am also a vegan and I want to make sure it’s not from animal based. Thanks.

      • I was wondering the same thing about the B12 and other supplements in it. Has anyone heard back on this post? I plan to call them to find out for sure – if you need the manufacturer’s number, it is 800-774-2678.

  3. Your right. It really helps to use such small amounts without having to watch a big jug go bad in the fridge. Once again, another good reason to ditch the milk industry.

    Take care
    sterling king

  4. i think that costco should sale organic chocolate soy milk.

  5. I agree I use to buy Kirkland organic chocolate soy milk ,but they no longer sell it anymore.

  6. The Kirkland brand soy milk is NOT vegan. I called the company and they informed me that they place a V on their products for vegetarian/vegan. They vitamins are derived from animal sources.

  7. whyyyyyy is it derived from animals??? why would anyone buying soy milk (avoiding animal products) want vitamins from animals?

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