Vegan offerings at Souplantation (4/1/08 – 4/11/08)

Souplantation meal

I should have posted this earlier but I wanted some padding between entries or this would start to sound like the Souplantation blog. Anyway, Souplantation has some good vegan offerings on the current menu. As I noted in the previous post about my favorite soup & salad bar, they change their menu every two weeks. Right now till April 11th, Souplantation will have the Lemon Rice with Cashews in the salad bar, and two soups; the Indian Lentil and Vegetarian Harvest, all of which are vegan. These in addition to their excellent salad bar and baked potatoes. I haven’t had time to stop by this week but I am planning on it to get some lunch and take pictures. I will add photos to this entry as soon as I do. *edit] Pictured above a large salad, Indian Lentil soup and Lemon Cashew rice.

I really like the Indian lentil soup; it’s spiced like a good dal at an Indian restaurant. The Vegetarian Harvest is also very good. A squash-based soup that is very satisfying and packed with vegetables. The Lemon Cashew Rice is good but some people may not like cold rice or lemony flavors. April is going to be lemon month at the ‘plantation so look for this prepared salad to stick around a while. [/edit

I know I need to add some more restaurants and I will as I visit those places, order up some meals so I can write a proper review complete with pictures. If you don’t want to wait and want to know of other places you can eat at NOW, you can see some of my informal reviews on the SCVegan Forums under the “Places to eat” thread. I list some restaurants along with ordering suggestions of places I visit and eat at. I will add more to that list in time, and if you register at the forums you can list your own favorite places or ask questions about dining out or just being vegan in general.


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