Part 2: Vegan Breakfast in the SCV

GCC Breakfast Sign

I know I probably didn’t post this in time for my SCVegan readers but that was all the more reason for me to attend the Gibbon Conservation Center’s vegan breakfast-fundraiser. For those of you whom did not make it, you really missed out. The food was a continental-style buffet with stations all over the grounds. Organic cereals with a variety of rice and almond milks, fresh fruits like berries and melons, bagels with Tofutti cream cheese, oatmeal, potatoes O’brian with beans, soy yogurt (woot!), Izze sparkling juice (double woot!) and plenty of other goodies.

GCC Breakfast

Lots of people were there, much more then I thought would attend such an event in the Santa Clarita Valley. (Makes the Newhall Farmer Market look even that much more sad). Pulling up to the center I saw about 70 cars and a group volunteers doing their best to organize the parking situation. When I finally walked through the gate I was greeted to a packed house. People of all ages were present enjoying a great time under the shady trees with good food and watching the Gibbons play and have fun in their enclosures.

GCC People

Sure, originally I went there because of the vegan breakfast but after I arrived I realized that I was really there for the Gibbons. These animals are cute, intelligent, fascinating, entertaining and endangered. The Gibbon Conservation Center is the only facility of its kind in the western hemisphere and it’s right here in the SCV. Not only that, but it has been here for 23 years and I never even knew it existed. Now the GCC needs to leave Santa Clarita and it saddens me that I didn’t get to visit the Gibbons when I was younger.

Gibbons at the GCC

I had great fun this Saturday morning and it would have been worth it even without the food. I urge everyone in the SCV to visit the Gibbon Conservation Center while it’s still in our neighborhood.


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