WorldFest and Upcoming Events

WorldFest 2008

No need for a vegan to be bored in the month of May; there is plenty to do in Santa Clarita and beyond. If you don’t mind driving to Encino then I highly recommend you attend WorldFest on Saturday, May 10th 2008. If you’ve never been to WorldFest then you are surely missing out. WorldFest is a giant, solar-powered Earth Day festival that promotes being vegan, good health, living green and having compassion for Earthlings of the human and animal varieties. The day-long event features celebrity speakers, live bands, vegan food, exhibitor booths, animal adoptions, kids activities, cooking demos as well as a “beer and wine garden” for the 21 & over crowed plus plenty more fun just waiting to be had.

WorldFest is at Woodley Park in Encino from 10am to 6:30pm. General admission is $7, Seniors $5 and kids under 12 FREE! Pets welcome, so bring the whole family and extra cash for food and any kind of shopping you may want to do.

As much as I look forward to WorldFest, I still entertained the thought of instead attending another local event here in the SCV when I heard Turtle Island was coming to town. Being on the same day as WorldFest, I still felt it my duty as Santa Clarita’s vegan blogger to be here and greet the makers of Tofurky when they arrived; even if it meant missing WorldFest. About a minute later I was able to look it up and found out that this was an entirely different Turtle Island paying a visit to Santa Clarita. Oh well, no Tofurky but if you like chamber jazz and want to see a grammy award winning band play locally then may as well check them out. That is, if you absolutely can’t make WorldFest.

May 10th is still a busy day as our WholeFoods market in Valencia will be having a “Day Before Mother’s Day” celebration featuring free “mini makeovers” using Mineral Fusion Cosmetics. Mineral Fusion is mostly vegan with the exception of their lipstick and mascara which contain beeswax, in case anyone was curious. While Mom gets pampered, Dad can take the kids to make a small gift and card as part of the event. All mothers attending should obviously arrive with no makeup; noon-3pm RSVP required. Sign up in the Whole Body department at Whole Foods market or call (661) 260-2377 x214.

Speaking of Whole Foods, on Saturday, May 17th WFM will take on the cost of rising food prices by giving a free “Shop on a Budget” tour. Learn how to shop Whole Foods for organic and local produce, which brands have the better value, how to earn discounts when purchasing by the case and, of course how to shop on a budget. Again, RSVP required.

Here’s a fun one. The first ever EcoFest 2008 on Sunday, May 18th at Valencia high school from 1pm to 5:30pm. Learn about sustainable living and current issues impacting the environment. Raffles, face painting, food (vegan options? doubtful but it’s cool that the kids are trying), live entertainment, games and vendor booths. Sounds like a fun event to bring the kids to; admission is FREE! Follow the link as they may still be looking for vendors and sponsors.


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  1. WorldFest was seriously awesome; seriously! I don’t know if any of you managed to make it down but those that didn’t missed a great time. I didn’t bring my camera so no pictures to post, but next year everyone has to go. All the food is vegan and all of the vendors must only offer vegan goods. Lots of cool freebies like reusable shopping bags and product samples, plus informative lectures on such things as home composting and pet care.

    The bands were good, celebrities were approachable and nice, most everyone I talked to was vegan. They could change the name to VeganFest. Packed with people, absolutely packed. At one point someone from the main stage asked the crowed if anyone was NOT vegan yet, and nobody raised their hands.

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