No Age on FNMTV – Friday 8pm

No Age Mtv logo

Following up their live performance on FuelTV, No Age will be on FNMTV (Friday Night Mtv) this Friday, June 27th at 8pm. (Maybe 5pm if you have satellite). Tune in to watch the world premier of their new video Eraser. FNMTV is a one-hour show on Mtv that premiers new videos, interviews artists and has live performances; hosted by Pete Wentz of Fall out Boy. Also on the June 27th show with No Age will be live performances by Rihanna and Maroon 5, plus Rapper T.I. and vocal group Day 26 unveil their latest videos.

Time Warner: Ch. 52

DIrecTV: Ch. 331 (5pm)

Dish Network: Ch. 160

Encore airings throughout the week, listings on the FNMTV website.

Why is Santa Clarita’s vegan blog covering the latest No Age news? For starters they’re vegan, half the band is from Santa Clarita and they’re super cool. That and it’s my brother’s band. One of the hottest new bands in America right now has roots in the SCV and they’re not playing in Central Park this summer. Is anyone paying attention?


No Age on Fuel TV Tonight!

Fuel TV logo

No Age will be performing on Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit, tonight at 9pm. The show will re-telecast tomorrow, 6/17 at 11:30am and 2:30pm, so set your DVR if you miss it. Watch at the end of the show for a special message from guitarist Randy Randall.

Time Warner: Channel – 271

DirecTV: Channel – 612

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Karma – Indian Cuisine In Valencia

Karma Restaurant front

Indian food is one of my favorite cuisines, and Karma is one of my favorite Indian restaurants. For vegans in Santa Clarita who have not been to Karma yet, or haven’t tried Indian food in general, you need to get over there. To get my Indian fix I would drive all the way to Hollywood because any place closer just didn’t make the grade. Karma does, and now I can get delicious aloo gobi, daal and channa masala in the SCV.

Indian food is a funny thing. When I suggest Indian to people for dinner, the typical response is that they don’t like curry. Even funnier, most of them have never even had curry. Aromatic herbs and spices make Indian cuisine unique, and when you find a good place you will keep going back there. Since Indian restaurants have a good grasp of vegetarian food, most places will have several menu items that are just naturally vegan. Karma is no exception, in fact I don’t think it would be possible to order every vegan menu item Karma offers without either being in a large party or bringing home tons of leftovers. For the sake of a proper pictorial review, I thought I would try anyway.

Karma Dinner Spread

For an appetizer, get the vegetable samosas. Samosas are like a stuffed pastry filled with seasoned potatoes and peas. Top with their Chutneys and enjoy the delightful flavor mixture of this savory, spicy and sweet dish.

Karma Vegetable Samosas

Entrées begin with saffron rice. Aromatic basmati rice cooked with vegetables and saffron which gives it that yellow color.

Karma Saffron Rice

With the rice try the Vegetable Jalfrazzi, Yellow Daal, Aloo Gobi, Channa Masala, Bhindi Masala and the Bengan Bharta. If you have not been previously introduced to North Indian food then you probably don’t know what these menu items are. Don’t worry, I’ll explain later with pictures of each item. All of these dishes should be naturally vegan without making changes, but you should let the waiter know that you wish to avoid all animal products in your meals. The things to watch out for would be dairy in the form of cheese (paneer), ghee (clarified butter), yogurt and cream. Yogurt plays a surprisingly large role in Indian cuisine, even being used as a marinade for their meats. So just be clear and let your waiter know; so far every time I have been there I have found the staff to be very knowledgeable of the food they serve.

Karma plate

Vegetable Jalfrazzi: Assorted vegetables, lightly sautéed in a tomato base with herbs and spices.

Karma Vegetable Jalfrazzi

Yellow Daal: Yellow lentils simmered in a mild blend of spices.

Karma Yellow Daal

Aloo Gobi: Seasoned blend of potatoes and cauliflower. (this one will disappear fast)

Karma Aloo Gobi

Channa Masala: Garbonzo beans in a mildly spiced sauce.

Karma Channa Masala

Bhindi Masala: Fresh okra, sliced and sautéed with tomato and onion.

Karma Bhindi Masala

Bengan Bharta: Roasted eggplant cooked with tomato, onion and spices inside a clay oven. Speaking of which, usually when you see that an item is cooked inside a Tandor/clay oven it usually means that it has also been marinated in yogurt. In the case of the Bengan Bharta I have been told that this dish is the exception and there is no yogurt used in Karma’s Bengan Bharta.

Karma Bengan Bharta

The flat breads can be a welcome addition to your meal. The parathas can be ordered vegan, be sure to ask for no ghee. Parathas are a flat bread, roughly eight inches in diameter. Each piece of bread can be cut into fours, so order accordingly for serving size. (Sorry, forgot to take pictures of the Parathas)

The Onion Kulcha is also very good, unless you don’t like onion. I also order this without ghee but I don’t think it uses it anyway.

Karma Onion Kulcha

The atmosphere is very nice with friendly staff and a neat bar area. There is also an upstairs lounge that can be reserved for drinks and appetizers. A buffet is also offered but I have never been there for that.

Karma Restaurant, Bar & Lounge is located at:
23460 Cinema Dr.
Valencia, CA 91355

(Across from Trader Joes)

Oprah Goes Vegan!

Oprah with Sophie

Oprah went vegan?!? Really? Yes! At least, she agreed to go vegan for 21 days as part of a “cleanse” after reading Quantum Wellness by vegan author Kathy Freston. Freston appeared on Oprah’s show where they talked about the book including the topic of “Conscious Eating”. In Quantum Wellness, Freston says that to be conscious simply means to be awake, or aware of what you’re putting into your body. Not just from a health standpoint point but also from a compassionate point of view; knowing what had to happen to the animals before they end up on your plate.

As part of the cleanse Oprah will not just give up animal products but also certain known irritants like sugar, alcohol, gluten and caffeine. (This is a cleanse, after all). Several members of the Oprah staff are going on the cleanse with her along with many viewers who stay updated with Oprah’s progress and receive tips via her blog. As I write this Oprah has been on the cleanse for 10 days and she is doing really great. She has been praising the food and so far has only expressed wanting a glass of wine now and then. Stedman, however has refused to become a vegetarian, but hopefully he comes around and supports Oprah on her path.

I wonder if any Santa Clarita residents went on the cleanse with Oprah?