Oprah Goes Vegan!

Oprah with Sophie

Oprah went vegan?!? Really? Yes! At least, she agreed to go vegan for 21 days as part of a “cleanse” after reading Quantum Wellness by vegan author Kathy Freston. Freston appeared on Oprah’s show where they talked about the book including the topic of “Conscious Eating”. In Quantum Wellness, Freston says that to be conscious simply means to be awake, or aware of what you’re putting into your body. Not just from a health standpoint point but also from a compassionate point of view; knowing what had to happen to the animals before they end up on your plate.

As part of the cleanse Oprah will not just give up animal products but also certain known irritants like sugar, alcohol, gluten and caffeine. (This is a cleanse, after all). Several members of the Oprah staff are going on the cleanse with her along with many viewers who stay updated with Oprah’s progress and receive tips via her blog. As I write this Oprah has been on the cleanse for 10 days and she is doing really great. She has been praising the food and so far has only expressed wanting a glass of wine now and then. Stedman, however has refused to become a vegetarian, but hopefully he comes around and supports Oprah on her path.

I wonder if any Santa Clarita residents went on the cleanse with Oprah?


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  1. good for her! but i could sure never give up alcohol for 21 days!!! 😉

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