No Age on FNMTV – Friday 8pm

No Age Mtv logo

Following up their live performance on FuelTV, No Age will be on FNMTV (Friday Night Mtv) this Friday, June 27th at 8pm. (Maybe 5pm if you have satellite). Tune in to watch the world premier of their new video Eraser. FNMTV is a one-hour show on Mtv that premiers new videos, interviews artists and has live performances; hosted by Pete Wentz of Fall out Boy. Also on the June 27th show with No Age will be live performances by Rihanna and Maroon 5, plus Rapper T.I. and vocal group Day 26 unveil their latest videos.

Time Warner: Ch. 52

DIrecTV: Ch. 331 (5pm)

Dish Network: Ch. 160

Encore airings throughout the week, listings on the FNMTV website.

Why is Santa Clarita’s vegan blog covering the latest No Age news? For starters they’re vegan, half the band is from Santa Clarita and they’re super cool. That and it’s my brother’s band. One of the hottest new bands in America right now has roots in the SCV and they’re not playing in Central Park this summer. Is anyone paying attention?


2 Responses

  1. no age rox! long live the smell! if i can get off work in time, i am gonna see them at the getty on friday. hope i can make it. :/

  2. I’m so damn proud of them. I spoke to both of them last year about playing out here. Get them to play Central Park!

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