Whole Foods: Vegan Barbeque Pizza

Vegan BBQ Pizza at Whole Foods Valencia

Vegan BBQ Pizza at Whole Foods Valencia

Saw this new item at Whole Foods the other day; Vegan Barbeque Pizza. Free samples were available but the pizza was sold out for the day. This is pretty cool in that they’re offering more vegan pizza choices, and that they’re selling out of the vegan items during lunch time. Our Valencia Whole Foods is getting hipper all the time, and in turn so is Santa Clarita.


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  1. i can’t read those ingredients! what was on the pizza?!?! did it have any cheese substitute on it? you know how i feel about pizza.

    great pic btw, that WFs employee’s face is totally priceless.

  2. The ingredient list was huge, but that’s mostly due to the sauces and stuff. I remember there being barbecue sauce, red onions and some Gardein veggie-meat. No veggie-cheese at all.

    The Whole Foods girl really made the shot; definitely my new favorite team member.

  3. Oh MAN! You must do a post on the best vegan pizza ever (and yes it is in SCV!!!) My boyfriend and I were walking by Garlic Jim’s on Decoro and Mc Bean and a paper posted in the window caught my eye, it was announcing that they use Follow Your Heart Cheese! So not only is the pizza (we got just mushrooms and cheese) better than the one at Follow Your Heart but it is out here AND they deliver! And it gets better, the person we ordered from informed us that hopefully by the end of the week they will have vegan “meat” toppings and that they are working on another vegan crust… something about brewery something or other. Please spread the word and let them know we appreciate it!

  4. Thanks for the heads-up. I just drove over there and spoke with the owner, this could be AWESOME! They are no longer Garlic Jim’s, however they are changing the name to Tomato Joe’s and I will have a full review up in the next week or two. Since they are in transition they do not have their full menu yet but sounds very promising.

  5. OMG OMG OMG OMG you gotta do a review on that! since you crushed my z pizza dreams, i have been searching for a fake-cheese-pizza-alternative. if i have to drive all the way to scv to get it (and say hi to mom and dad) on the way, that’s fine with me!

  6. I know, it might be the closest thing to a vegan restaurant the SCV has ever seen. The coolest part is that the owner seems to be genuinely interested in making a great vegan pizza. I haven’t been able to eat there yet but this week I am making it my mission to review Tomato Joe’s.

  7. Feel lucky you don’t live in a little redneck town in Australia. ‘Vegan food? What animal does that come from?’ =P

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