Vegan Breakfast With The Gibbons

The Gibbon Conversation Center will be hosting a vegan breakfast fundraiser; Sunday, Oct 19th beginning at 8:30am until noon. Gibbons are small, tree-dwelling apes native to some tropical and sub-tropical regions of Asia. 15 different species of Gibbons are known and are generally considered endangered by most every native country. Most impressive is their speed at which they can swing from branch to branch on the tree tops, rivaling flying birds with a speed up to 35mph; also Gibbons like to sing making them multi-talented primates. The Gibbon Conservation Center (GCC) houses perhaps the largest collection of Gibbons anywhere, and amazingly it’s located in the Santa Clarita Valley. Unfortunately, encroaching developments are threatening the Gibbons and so the GCC is raising money to move the facility away from the suburban sprawl.

I attended the last fundraiser about six months ago, it was a fun time and if you want to see the Gibbons before they leave Santa Clarita this is a great event to do it. Besides the assortment of vegan cereals, soy/almond milk, bagels, breakfast potatoes, fresh fruit, soy yogurt, etc. the event will include a guided tour of the facility along with a question & answer session with the GCC founder Alan Mootnick.

Pre-Pay prices for admission: ($5 more at gate if not pre-paid)

Adults: $35 (18 and older)
Seniors: $30 (60 and older)
Teens: $15 (ages 13-17)
Children: $10 (ages 3-12)
Children Under 3: FREE

The Gibbon Conservation Center is located at:

19100 Esquerra Rd.
Santa Clarita, CA 91390
(Off Bouquet Cyn Rd.)
CLICK for pre-pay tickets
(661) 296-2737


2 Responses

  1. Aww! That’d be so awesome!

  2. What a great way to raise money for the gibbons. Too bad I don’t live in Southern Cali anymore (I live in the Bay now). Otherwise, I would have definitely gone!

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