Valencia Library to Host Vegan Cooking Class

I try to keep a lookout for anything even remotely resembling a vegan event happening in Santa Clarita; sometimes I surprise myself. The Valencia Library will be hosting a “Vegetarian Cooking Class” in February. At first I thought this may be some kind of egg and dairy concoction; then I found out the presentation will be given by Zel and Reuben Allen! The Allen’s, of course being the authors of an amazing vegan cookbook; The Nut Gourmet and the people behind the popular Vegetarians in Paradise (VIP) website. Others of you may recognize them as the charming vegan couple sporting their athletic-gold VIP logo shirts at various vegan events and farmer’s markets around the Los Angeles area.

Camels and Caravans: Vegetarian Cuisine of Afghanistan (<– link opens pdf flyer) is the name of the presentation and is in reference and celebration of The Kite Runner being selected as College of the Canyon’s Book of the Year. The Kite Runner is about the lives of two Afghan boys; the class is, therefore featuring cuisine of Afghanistan done up vegan style.

In summary, we have the authors of an amazing vegan cookbook and a fantastic vegan website coming to Santa Clarita to give a hands-on vegan cooking class. The best part? It’s completely FREE and open to anyone who wants to stop by. However, it is required that you call the library and register ahead of time as space is limited (only 15 13 spots left! at the time of this posting) and to give an idea of how many people to be prepared for.

Camels and Caravans: Vegetarian Culinary
Saturday, February 21, 2009
1:00pm – 4:00pm

@ The Valencia Library Meeting Room
23743 W. Valencia Blvd
Santa Clarita, CA 91355

To Register, Call:
(661) 259-8942

The library’s meeting room is located on the left hand side once you pass the first set of doors entering the library, opposite the drinking fountain and bathrooms.


4 Responses

  1. why wasn’t this stuff going on when i was growing up in scv?!?! HMPH!

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  3. that guy looks vegan

  4. […] Cooking Class **UPDATE** Posted on February 19, 2009 by scvegan The vegan cooking class being offered at the Valencia Library this Saturday is FULL and the waiting list is 15 people long […]

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