Grace & Mittie’s – Vegan Bakery in Newhall

A while back I came across a flier from a vegan baker located right here in Santa Clarita. The next day I tracked this bakery down; the day after that I was eating some yummy vegan cookies and cake. Grace & Mittie’s is not only a completely vegan bakery, but also everything is gluten-free while maintaining a high standard of quality by using wholesome ingredients.

Not a walk-in store, actually I haven’t even been to the location but the baker Taura was nice enough to deliver some goods for me to try.

I first tasted the Blueberry Cheesecake cookie; my initial reaction was, WOW! The German Chocolate Chip cookie, the Oatmeal Raisin & Cranberry — both delicious as well. Come on, vegan and gluten-free? YES! Everything on the menu, everything they bake is vegan and gluten-free. Not just cookies but pies, cobblers, brownies, truffles and of course cakes.

Speaking of cake, the one I tasted was pretty awesome.

So now the question is; where can we get them? Well, here’s the thing… It does look like you can order from their website, so that is one option. Remember this is a professional bakery and not a store front. While Grace & Mittie’s do distribute to some locations such as Native Foods in West Wood, none of these places are in Santa Clarita. At the very least I think Whole Foods — Valencia should carry vegan, gluten-free deserts from a local vegan and gluten-free baker. I will be sending requests to our local Whole Foods Market for Grace & Mittie’s deserts, and I think you guys should do the same. Helping Grace & Mittie’s not only helps a friendly, local vegan baker but it helps all other vegans in Santa Clarita along with those who have gluten sensitivities.

Until then, you can check out the Grace & Mittie’s website and place an order, or even give them a call. Taura is very friendly and you will not be disappointed by the desserts.


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  1. i really liked the blueberry cheesecake cookie i tried, like nothing else i have ever had.. that chocolate cake is great too!

  2. those look so good! i wish i could get them somewhere close to me. i will keep a look out for them in los angeles restaurants…!

  3. […] Next year, we should have a proper birthday party with local vegan catering and entertainment. I even know where to get the birthday cake. […]

  4. Thanks so much for the post. I am soooooo delighted that you liked the desserts. I am trying my very best to get into places like Whole Foods, but it’s such a process. I will let you know as things progress. Thanks again for the lovely post.


    • is there any way to order these and come pick them up? Or order them through the mail? I would love to serve them for my Christmas parties.

  5. Can I order and have it shipped to me? I live in Ohio and I can’t find a vegan bakery. I just got my test results back and I am allergic to eggs, cow’s milk and peanuts.

  6. Write your address somewhere or a phone nber we did not come AGAIN because we don’t know where you are. If you bake a cake and no one can find it does it taste good? Who cares

    • Unfortunately i think Grace & Mittie’s went out of business some time ago. Their cakes and cookies were amazing, but it’s a very competitive business out there in the realm of vegan bakers. We do have a local cupcake baker here in Santa Clarita that sells vegan and gluten free items every Thursday and if for a special occasion they can make you a custom order for any day of the week. I wrote about them on the blog; check out Bake You Happy.

  7. do they have a phone number i can’t get their web site anymore?

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