Tomato Joe’s – Vegan Pepperoni!!!

Tomato Joe’s, now offering vegan pepperoni as an option for their pizzas!

Tomato Joes: Large, Beer Crust--Garden Combo with Vegan Mozz and Vegan Pepperoni

Tomato Joe's: Large Garden Combo on Beer Crust with Vegan Mozz' and Vegan Pepperoni

The Garden Combo and Sally’s Secret Garden are both great pizzas to be made vegan, but if these are all you order then you are really missing out on some of their other delicious options. Ever had a Vegan Barbecue pizza?

Tomato Joes: Medium Barbecue Pizza on thin crust with red onions, mushrooms, cilantro and vegan mozz

Tomato Joe's: Medium Bar-B-Que Pizza on thin crust with red onions, mushrooms, cilantro and vegan mozz'. As you can see, I couldn't even get my camera out of the case before people started digging in.

This is an amazing combination; the barbecue sauce goes really well with the thin crust and selected toppings. If any of you have a favorite custom vegan pizza from Tomato Joe’s, snap a picture and send it my way or post it in the SCVegan forums under the Tomato Joe’s topic.


6 Responses

  1. this is GREAT news. i am gonna hit TomJoes up again as soon as i can! thanks for posting.

  2. Thank you so much for telling the world about Tomato Joe’s! I went today and loved both kinds I tried — the BBQ just like in your photo as well as the Garden Combo without green peppers and sub vegan cheese. I requested vegan cheese on only half of each one.

    The thin crust is great, not too thin and a nice slight garlic flavor. The tomato and BBQ sauces were tangy and fresh. In fact, the crust, sauces and topping combinations were so good that I enjoyed the cheeseless pieces as much or more than the ones with cheese, even though the cheese was melty and good.

    And if that’s not enough, it was cheap. We got 3 of the 8″ pizzas, plus garlic bread (I don’t know if it was vegan, it was for the omni), and the total was only $20. Awesome. Thanks again!

  3. i went to my parents house over the weekend and i was set on tomato joe’s, but they wanted to try the new daiya cheese from whole foods. everyone shared a daiya pizza, except me. i got an entire large tomato joe’s pizza all to myself. naturally, they ended up eating a load of mine as well…but i still had like 6 pieces left over. i have been eating one every day for breakfast and i think it’s gonna last til the weekend.

    what i’m trying to say is, TOMATO JOE’S IS AWESOME.

    thanks so much for finding them! i would have never known about their great vegan pizza, if not for your blog.

  4. Tomato Joe’s loves Vegans and what they stand for. Good things for animals. So just for Vegans I have searched for an incredible Vegan Italian Sausage. I have found it and I am thrilled. Come in and try it.

  5. I love Tomato Joes!!! Vegan options are awesome, staff is friendly, and they support The Gentle Barn, can you get any better? I’ll have to try the BBQ that sounds fantastic.

  6. Tomato Joe’s has been serving Gluten Free for over two years now. We have an excellent 14″ crust to top with whatever you desire. We are here because of our customers. Thanks so much for your support. Check out our reviews on yelp!

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