Time to play, “IS IT VEGAN?”

Photo from Quarrygirl.com

Photo from Quarrygirl.com

You know how sometimes, when you leave the SCV in search for an all vegan restaurant you come upon a place that just doesn’t seem quite right? Places that come off as a bit shady, with seemingly clueless employees that just answer every question about ingredients with a “yes, all vegan”. Maybe the food wasn’t vegan at all. Maybe you were tricked! Deceit! Lies! For shame!

Or, could it be that the restaurant itself was lied to by its wholesaler? Or was the wholesaler lied to by the manufacturer? Why are there so many people touching my food? Well, no matter how many people are getting paid by my restaurant order, it all comes down to what is on my plate. All I want to know, is what is in my food. Is it vegan?

The fine people at the LA-based vegan food blog, Quarrygirl.com decided that they will not just take someone’s word for it anymore; because some people can be ignorant, liars or both. Instead, they will ask SCIENCE for the answers. Science does not have a charming smile nor a good sense of humor, but it does have honesty and right now that is what we are looking for.

Armed with lab kits and a contamination-free testing environment, the Quarrygirl team tested some of Los Angeles’ favorite (and sketchy) vegan restaurants to see just how vegan their food really is. The results my shock you.


Vegan Earth Day Festival – Sun, June 21st

Image from VeganEarthDay.org

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 21st. Also this Sunday is Vegan Earth Day and its first annual festival at Los Angeles Pierce College in Woodland Hills. I am told there will be lots of vegan food, live music, celebrity speakers (Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn! 😮 OMG you guyz!!!1!) and activities for the kids. Free barbecue for Dads, so if you don’t have plans for Father’s day then there is some incentive. Also, admission is FREE but parking is $10 so I’m guessing carpooling is encouraged. This is an Earth Day Festival, after all; did I mention the event is solar-powered!

Looks like it will be fun, check out their website for more info on the musical acts, celebrity guests and more. Did the Santa Clarita Earth Day Festival have vegan food? Something to work on for next year!

Vegan Earth Day Celebration
Sunday, June 21st 2009
10am to 8pm

LA Pierce College
6201 Winnetka Avenue
Woodland Hills, CA 91371