I’m Still Alive

Really, I have just been very busy with work and sometimes I do not have as much time to blog as I would like. But that’s ok because Santa Clarita Vegans are patient; we have to be. However, just because I took a break doesn’t mean the SCV has slowed it progression towards becoming more vegan-friendly. Lots of exciting news coming up, including Santa Clarita’s own Vegan Pizza Revolution. New places with vegan menus and existing places stepping up their game. It’s all very exciting, stay tuned as I bring it to you.


5 Responses

  1. you are such a TEASE. i wanna hear the exciting news and about more vegan options in scv!

    i have been eating at tomato joe’s every time i visit home.

  2. Hey Nolan! I want a vegan cake for my birthday (tomorrow =]) but I cant find Grace and Mitties…?
    Oh.. what is a poor bday girl to do??


  3. a fellow vegan in the scv! how great!!!
    see you around!
    check out my blog here, i just started it.

  4. Great blog! glad to see your back. Look forward to your reads on Vegan Pizza Places so don’t stay away so long. Santa Letters
    For Kids

  5. Hi, HELP! Can someone please suggest a Vegan Restaurant in the SCV. I do know about Tomatoes Joe’s, but are there any other places?


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