Vegan Pizza by-the-slice all weekend at Zpizza

Our local Zpizza will be selling vegan pizza by the slice all weekend!!! Stop in and show your support this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (5/14 – 5/16) and grab a slice of their delicious vegan pizza featuring Daiya Vegan cheese. The vegan pizza will not be out on the rack if nobody has ordered it yet. If you’re the first of the day, they will make the pizza to order, you pay for your slice and the rest of the pizza goes out on the tray for others to purchase. Grab a slice on your way to WorldFest on Sunday!


I went to Zpizza in Valencia and got two slices of the plain Daiya pizza. The friendly young girl behind the counter knew about the promotion but the other two employees did not. The one in the know had to talk them into it, which was weird but kind of funny. As proof the girl grabbed a post-it note off of the window near the register showing them that they are running a vegan promotion this weekend. They baked a fresh vegan pizza and i got the the 2-slice deal which includes a fountain drink for $6.50. I would assume unlimited refills if you eat there so a good deal I think. Took only about 10 minutes to get the vegan slices; piping hot too.

So hurry into the Valencia Zpizza, grab slices and show that we appreciate the special attention. The pizza was delicious too. Really good, CRAZY good!

Zpizza – Valencia

27015 McBean Pkwy
Valencia CA, 91355
(661) 259-5000

5 Responses

  1. i’d be A LOT more excited about this if that damn pizza wasn’t covered in bell peppers. FML. wish they’d make me a vegan tuscan.

  2. Really? Are the locations near you serving up the Berkley? Here the vegan slices are just plain Daiya but man does it taste good like that.

  3. I just found your blog. Wait…. What?? Vegans in SCV? Where have you been hiding? =P

  4. are you sure its vegan? Last time I called asking about their so called vegan pizza the person on the phone said they dough is made with whey.

  5. I’m going to be stuck in Palmdale for Wednesday & Thursday nights – I am vegan and would LOVE any recommendations you might have for places to eat between Palmdale, Sta Clarita or such – going into LA seems like too big a deal – like 65 miles to go to RFD (and back!) – that’s a heckuva round trip for dinner.

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