Vegan Pizza Day SCV

My fellow SCVegans! Today is Vegan Pizza Day and in celebration, our own Tomato Joe’s will be offering 20% off ALL vegan pizzas. Buy two, or three! My suggestions, if you’re into trying new things:

Vegan Garden Combo (on beer crust) with Vegan Italian Sausage

Vegan Barbecue (on skinny crust) with red onions, cilantro and Gardein “Chicken”

Skinny Crust w/ Olive Oil, spinach, mandarin oranges, jalapenos and vegan cheese. I haven’t named this yet, but it’s AMAZING! Any suggestions?

If you have your own favorite custom pizzas with Tomato Joe’s, share them! We can create our own vegan pizza menu with names to match. I can confirm their Whole Wheat and Gluten Free crust are both delicious as well. Also, when you stop by, remember to compliment them on their new sign. Happy Vegan Pizza Day!

Vegan Cupcakes! Now Local!!!

Bake You Happy
Santa Clarita now has it’s own vegan-friendly cupcake shop, and let me tell you they KNOW how to bake. In fact, they were featured on the Food Network show, “Cupcake Wars” and beat the three other cupcake bakeries to win $10,000. I first heard about this shop, Bake You Happy when reading a featured story about them and their television victory in The Signal.

Besides being Santa Clarita locals and cupcake baking champions, they also bake vegan and gluten-free cupcakes every Thursday! When i first heard about Bake You Happy i had to wait till Thursday to test out their vegan cakes. I stopped by with my brother; their shop is located in the Barnes and Noble shopping center on Valencia Blvd. That particular day, they were selling two vegan cupcakes, Chocolate and Red Velvet. We were lucky to grab the last vegan chocolate cupcake they had.

Bake You Happy Cupcake Box

Looks delicious, right? As good as these look, I was still blown away by the fluffy, delicately soft and sweet flavor of these. Just… WOW!

Bake You Happy, Vegan Red Velvet Cupcake

Pictured above, the vegan Red Velvet cupcake. SCVegan approved. Every Thursday!!! This is the spot, i suggest next week you stop by and taste for yourself. $3 a piece. Also, they do custom orders so if you need something for a party just or any occasion you can ask them. Super nice people, the shop is cute and neatly decorated AND they care enough to make cupcakes for Vegans and the gluten-free crowd.

Bake You Happy is located at:
23628 Valencia Blvd.
Valencia, Blvd 91355
(661) 255-5100

RedBrick Pizza now Vegan & Gluten Free!

RedBrick Vegan Pizza: Original crust, red sauce, artichoke hearts, black olives, mushrooms, garlic and diced tomatoes

*** UPDATE – Location closed 😦 ***

Santa Clarita just got another another vegan pizza option in RedBrick Pizza! I first heard about this development from so credit to her for the heads up. I stopped in there tonight to check things out and right at the counter is a sign proudly announcing that they serve vegan pizza and offer a Gluten Free crust.

Their regular crust is vegan, so is their red sauce AND they offer Daiya vegan cheese! Pretty cool, so if you’re looking for another option for your vegan Super Bowl Party, or any other occasion because really it’s always a good time for pizza, I recommend it!

The Franchise owner, Karim is a very cool guy and he tells me his daughter is vegan; bonus points for that. He even has a separate pizza cutter for both their vegan pizzas and Gluten Free crust which is nice to know.

RedBrick Pizza has two locations in Santa Clarita

23874 Copper Hill Dr.
Valencia, CA 91354
Phone 661-775-2777


25343 Wayne Mills Place (Magic Mountain Pkwy)
Santa Clarita, CA 91355
Phone 661-287-3131

Vegan Pizza by-the-slice all weekend at Zpizza

Our local Zpizza will be selling vegan pizza by the slice all weekend!!! Stop in and show your support this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (5/14 – 5/16) and grab a slice of their delicious vegan pizza featuring Daiya Vegan cheese. The vegan pizza will not be out on the rack if nobody has ordered it yet. If you’re the first of the day, they will make the pizza to order, you pay for your slice and the rest of the pizza goes out on the tray for others to purchase. Grab a slice on your way to WorldFest on Sunday!


I went to Zpizza in Valencia and got two slices of the plain Daiya pizza. The friendly young girl behind the counter knew about the promotion but the other two employees did not. The one in the know had to talk them into it, which was weird but kind of funny. As proof the girl grabbed a post-it note off of the window near the register showing them that they are running a vegan promotion this weekend. They baked a fresh vegan pizza and i got the the 2-slice deal which includes a fountain drink for $6.50. I would assume unlimited refills if you eat there so a good deal I think. Took only about 10 minutes to get the vegan slices; piping hot too.

So hurry into the Valencia Zpizza, grab slices and show that we appreciate the special attention. The pizza was delicious too. Really good, CRAZY good!

Zpizza – Valencia

27015 McBean Pkwy
Valencia CA, 91355
(661) 259-5000

Tomato Joe’s – Vegan Pepperoni!!!

Tomato Joe’s, now offering vegan pepperoni as an option for their pizzas!

Tomato Joes: Large, Beer Crust--Garden Combo with Vegan Mozz and Vegan Pepperoni

Tomato Joe's: Large Garden Combo on Beer Crust with Vegan Mozz' and Vegan Pepperoni

The Garden Combo and Sally’s Secret Garden are both great pizzas to be made vegan, but if these are all you order then you are really missing out on some of their other delicious options. Ever had a Vegan Barbecue pizza?

Tomato Joes: Medium Barbecue Pizza on thin crust with red onions, mushrooms, cilantro and vegan mozz

Tomato Joe's: Medium Bar-B-Que Pizza on thin crust with red onions, mushrooms, cilantro and vegan mozz'. As you can see, I couldn't even get my camera out of the case before people started digging in.

This is an amazing combination; the barbecue sauce goes really well with the thin crust and selected toppings. If any of you have a favorite custom vegan pizza from Tomato Joe’s, snap a picture and send it my way or post it in the SCVegan forums under the Tomato Joe’s topic.

Grace & Mittie’s – Vegan Bakery in Newhall

A while back I came across a flier from a vegan baker located right here in Santa Clarita. The next day I tracked this bakery down; the day after that I was eating some yummy vegan cookies and cake. Grace & Mittie’s is not only a completely vegan bakery, but also everything is gluten-free while maintaining a high standard of quality by using wholesome ingredients.

Not a walk-in store, actually I haven’t even been to the location but the baker Taura was nice enough to deliver some goods for me to try.

I first tasted the Blueberry Cheesecake cookie; my initial reaction was, WOW! The German Chocolate Chip cookie, the Oatmeal Raisin & Cranberry — both delicious as well. Come on, vegan and gluten-free? YES! Everything on the menu, everything they bake is vegan and gluten-free. Not just cookies but pies, cobblers, brownies, truffles and of course cakes.

Speaking of cake, the one I tasted was pretty awesome.

So now the question is; where can we get them? Well, here’s the thing… It does look like you can order from their website, so that is one option. Remember this is a professional bakery and not a store front. While Grace & Mittie’s do distribute to some locations such as Native Foods in West Wood, none of these places are in Santa Clarita. At the very least I think Whole Foods — Valencia should carry vegan, gluten-free deserts from a local vegan and gluten-free baker. I will be sending requests to our local Whole Foods Market for Grace & Mittie’s deserts, and I think you guys should do the same. Helping Grace & Mittie’s not only helps a friendly, local vegan baker but it helps all other vegans in Santa Clarita along with those who have gluten sensitivities.

Until then, you can check out the Grace & Mittie’s website and place an order, or even give them a call. Taura is very friendly and you will not be disappointed by the desserts.

Jam West Caribbean Foods – Canyon Country

I have tasted the flava of the islands and it is vegan! Jam West Caribbean Foods is this amazing place in Canyon Country serving up delicious Jamaican food for the masses. Opening for business about six months ago and located in an industrial strip off Ruether Avenue, Jam West is really a professional kitchen and not a dine-in restaurant. Offering catering  and craft services as their main focus, they also do take-out for us regular, non-event folks just looking for great food.

In addition to their regular menu, Jam West hooks vegans up with a menu of our own! (scroll down). Ital Stew, Vegan Jerk “Chicken” and Vegan Mango “Beef” are just a few examples of the delicious menu items you can have at Jam West. The large vegan menu is prepared by Chef Patrick, a professional vegan chef who works with Jam West and their owner Sarah Ramrattan.

Red Beans and Rice with Cabbage and Plantains, Vegan Jerk Chicken, Brown Stew Tofu, Vegan Curry Chicken, Vegan Stewed Beef, Vegan Mango Beef and in the Center a Patty (Chef Patrick says he makes a few vegan versions).

From the top going clockwise: Red Beans and Rice with Cabbage and Plantains, Vegan Jerk "Chicken", Brown Stew Tofu, Vegan Curry "Chicken", Vegan Stewed "Beef", Vegan Mango "Beef" and in the Center a Patty (Chef Patrick says he makes a few vegan versions).

Chef Patrick also works under the company name “Reggae Flava“, specializing in authentic Jamaican food cooked vegan. All meals come with Red Beans & Rice, Cabbage and Plantains for about $10.

Vegan Jerk Chicken with Red beans & Rice, Cabbage and Plantains.

Vegan Jerk "Chicken" with Red beans & Rice, Cabbage and Plantains. Spicy and seasoned perfectly, lots of food for about $10.

It’s hard for me to put into words just how good the food is at Jam West. If the vegan restaurants in LA are worth the drive from the SCV to have a meal, then Jam West is worth leaving LA for the experience. Honestly, this is hands down some of the most amazing food I have ever tasted in my life; vegan or otherwise. Jam West achieves their authentic and unique flavor by importing many of their ingredients and seasonings directly from Jamaica. There is nothing like this in LA; Santa Clarita Vegans should be excited and everyone else should be jealous!

Vegan Curry Chicken with all the sides.

Vegan Curry "Chicken" with all the sides.

Stewed red kidney beans cooked with coconut milk, medley of vegetables and spinners (small dumplings made from flour and water)

Ital Stew: Stewed red kidney beans cooked with coconut milk, medley of vegetables and spinners (small dumplings made from flour and water)

Stewed soy beef seasoned Caribbean style with added flavor of mango.

Vegan Mango "Beef": Stewed soy "beef" seasoned Caribbean style with added flavor of mango.

Chef Patrick says he makes a few different versions, vegan ones marked with a V. Patties are a pastry-like pie stuffed with seasoned TVP or Spinach.

Patty: Chef Patrick says he makes a few different versions, vegan ones marked with a "V". Patties are a pastry-like pie stuffed with seasoned TVP or Spinach.

As I mentioned earlier, Jam West is for take-out and catering; there are no tables to sit at so grab your food and enjoy it back home or at work. Sarah and Chef Patrick recommend calling ahead to place your order so it will be ready when you get there. Also keep in mind that they may be busy preparing food for a catering job so calling a few hours ahead may not even be a bad idea. It’s worth the extra planning, trust me. Speaking of catering, Jam West will be more than happy to feed your wedding guests, television crew, office party or whatever.

Inside Jam West

Inside Jam West

Jam West is full of discoveries for me. Besides finding a place in Santa Clarita with a large vegan menu, a culinary style previously unknown to me and a cool vegan chef in my own backyard, I also learned a new word; Ital. Rooted from the word Vital, Ital (I-tull, as in the Ital Stew) is essentially the Rasta equivalent to vegan. Only natural foods from the earth, no preservatives, animals or chemicals. My kind of food!

If you’re in Canyon Country or anywhere within a gas tank’s distance, grab some food at Jam West. Also, visit Chef Patrick’s MySpace and send the guy a friend request.

Jam West Caribbean Foods is located at:
26470 Ruether Ave. Ste. 107
Santa Clarita, CA 91350

(661) 250-IRIE (4743)