Souplantation’s Far East Feast: 9/18-9/30

Souplantation will have some tempting vegan offerings for the rest of September. Following their Passport to Flavor promotion that sets their menu items to follow the cuisines of a foreign land, the final stop will be the Far East. I must admit that I have been looking forward to this one as there will be more vegan dishes available than usual.

For starters, we get the ever rare VEGAN tossed salad; The Thai Udon Noodle & Peanut Tossed Salad.

Prepared salads gives us the Mandarin Noodle salad with Broccoli, and the new Sweet & Sour Broccoli Slaw.

One of their better soups will be coming back, the Indian Lentil Soup (because India is in Asia, you know) along with their almost always present Vegetable Medley. The Vegetable Medley is listed as “vegetarian” on their website but I have checked the ingredients and it is vegan.

Well played, Souplantation; well played.

Souplantation 8/18 – 8/29

Souplantation of Valencia will have some great vegan offerings for the rest of the month. At the salad bar look for the Baja Bean and Cilantro, Roasted Potato w/ Chipotle Chile Vinaigrette, and the Spicy Southwestern Pasta.

The soup bar has the Santa Fe Black Bean Chili and the brand new Sweet Tomato Onion which I tried on Saturday and enjoyed. So, there you go FIVE vegan items at the SCV-Splaytion to go check out.

Souplantation 30th Anniversary and Essay Contest – FREE FOOD!!!

Souplantation 30th Anniversary

Souplantation is celebrating their 30th anniversary this month and will be holding an essay contest that could net you 30 FREE MEAL PASSES if your essay is picked as one of their 30 favorites. For those of you keeping score, 30 people will receive 30 free meal passes each. That’s 900 free meals! I love this place!

How does it work? Go to Souplantation and pick up an entry form. Fill it out along with an essay of 200 words that depicts the “Most Remarkable Guest” of a Souplantation restaurant, then submit to a Souplantation manager by July 31st. “Share experiences, memories, routines, traditions, and anything else that would make a remarkable guest.” Who is remarkable? Could be you, or perhaps a family member, maybe a friend. I’m sure I can think of 200 words for a month of Souplantation meal passes.

Judging will be based on 50% creativity/originality, 20% appropriateness to subject matter, 20% composition and 10% sincerity.

30 winners will be selected on September 1st, 2008.

Since we are on the topic of Souplantation, for the Santa Clarita location, vegan offerings the rest of this month include:

Thai Citrus Brown Rice (Salad bar)

Vegetarian Harvest (Soup bar)

Both items are vegan and quite tasty so check them out before they’re gone.

Vegan offerings at Souplantation (5/1/08 – 5/23/08)

Souplantation - Valencia

Souplantation-Valencia will have a lot of great vegan dishes available from now till possibly the end of May. Coming up on Thursday, May 1st we will get a vegan tossed salad; the Strawberry Fields w/ Carmelized Walnuts. Three (vegan) prepared salads will also be available; Tabouli, the Baja Bean & Cilantro, and the Roasted Potato w/ Chipotle Chile Vinaigrette. In soups, the Classical Minestrone is vegan and sounds really good. These offerings will be available until May 10th.

Beginning on May 12th, the ‘Plantation will still have the Strawberry Fields salad available. Two prepared salads; the Dijon Potato w/ Garlic Dill Vinaigrette and the Spicy Southwestern Pasta. For soups they will be having one of my favorites, the Santa Fe Black Bean Chili.

Because it is still April, lemon-themed items will be on the menu until the end on the month. If you go to Soup’ right now you can still get the Lemon Cashew Rice along with the other May 1st menu items sans the Baja Bean Cilantro and Strawberry Fields salad. Vegan Minestrone is being served now. Also, in case anyone was wondering why there is a two-day gap in the menu I posted; S-ation doesn’t list their menu on the website during the weekends between menu changes (every two weeks). During these days you will see a mixture of both last week’s menu and the upcoming menu. Maybe more vegan items, maybe none. I believe it all depends on whatever they have the most of during this time, so you can call ahead and check what’s being served if you want to dine on transition weekends. Finally, I am trying to find a hip nickname for Souplantation so comment back with your suggestions.

Souplantation-Valencia is located in the Valencia Town Center @
24303 Town Center Drive, Suite 150
Valencia, CA 91351
Phone: (661) 286-1260

Vegan offerings at Souplantation (4/1/08 – 4/11/08)

Souplantation meal

I should have posted this earlier but I wanted some padding between entries or this would start to sound like the Souplantation blog. Anyway, Souplantation has some good vegan offerings on the current menu. As I noted in the previous post about my favorite soup & salad bar, they change their menu every two weeks. Right now till April 11th, Souplantation will have the Lemon Rice with Cashews in the salad bar, and two soups; the Indian Lentil and Vegetarian Harvest, all of which are vegan. These in addition to their excellent salad bar and baked potatoes. I haven’t had time to stop by this week but I am planning on it to get some lunch and take pictures. I will add photos to this entry as soon as I do. *edit] Pictured above a large salad, Indian Lentil soup and Lemon Cashew rice.

I really like the Indian lentil soup; it’s spiced like a good dal at an Indian restaurant. The Vegetarian Harvest is also very good. A squash-based soup that is very satisfying and packed with vegetables. The Lemon Cashew Rice is good but some people may not like cold rice or lemony flavors. April is going to be lemon month at the ‘plantation so look for this prepared salad to stick around a while. [/edit

I know I need to add some more restaurants and I will as I visit those places, order up some meals so I can write a proper review complete with pictures. If you don’t want to wait and want to know of other places you can eat at NOW, you can see some of my informal reviews on the SCVegan Forums under the “Places to eat” thread. I list some restaurants along with ordering suggestions of places I visit and eat at. I will add more to that list in time, and if you register at the forums you can list your own favorite places or ask questions about dining out or just being vegan in general.

Souplantation – Vegan menu options

Souplantation - Valencia

Souplantation is one of my favorite places to eat here in the SCV. For those unfamiliar, Souplantation is a reasonably-priced buffet that features a large and extensive salad bar, soups, pastas and baked goods. Their salad bar offers freshly prepared tossed salads, fresh green lettuces, spinach or mixed greens with tons of fresh veggies to make your own salad. In addition to that they offer “prepared salads” (think potato, pasta and bean salads) some of which are also vegan. I have yet to see a vegan dish at the pasta bar but they do have several vegan soups that are available from time to time. Baked potatoes, fresh fruit, juice and tea are all available as well.

Ingredient lists for each item is available in a three-ring binder behind each buffet counter. You can view it upon request, and I have read it dozens of times. I have nearly memorized which items are vegan and which ones are not. They have these surveys that customers may fill out; so I would, and I always ask for more vegan items. I have sent e-mails making the same requests and finally I started calling their corporate phone number. Some people would say this is going a tad overboard with the whole thing, but remember that they did ask for my opinion when they handed me those surveys. Besides, for those of you whom are not willing to put yourselves out there and talk to these people then be glad that some of us are; it benefits all of us.

In my last conversation with Souplantation they told me that they have been getting lots of responses from vegans and they decided to actually add the word “VEGAN” to items in their nutritional booklets and their on-line menu. I was also told they were considering putting the word “VEGAN” to the actual name tag on the salad bar to note which items were indeed vegan. They already list “Vegetarian” on these name tags but vegetarian to them includes dairy and eggs, so if you’re not sure just check the binder. (Note: in some of the vegetarian soups there is an ingredient called “Vegetarian Base” which contains lactose, so if you see this in the ingredient binder it is not vegan).

Menu items change every two weeks and you can see what your local Souplantation is serving by checking the menu on their website. (Hint: Click “Future Menu” to see what they will be offering weeks from now). I prefer to go when there are vegan soups offered, so if I check today I can see that they are offering one vegan soup (Santa Fe black bean chili) and one vegan prepared salad (Mandarin noodles w/broccoli). Coupons are offered constantly in the paper (Sunday, L.A. Times), and you can get printable coupons e-mailed to you if you join their “Club Veg” mailing list. Coupons are usually valid up to four people so bring your friends or family and enjoy a good meal at Souplantation-Valencia.

Souplantation-Valencia is located in the Valencia Town Center @
24303 Town Center Drive, Suite 150
Valencia, CA 91351