Vegan Pizza Day SCV

My fellow SCVegans! Today is Vegan Pizza Day and in celebration, our own Tomato Joe’s will be offering 20% off ALL vegan pizzas. Buy two, or three! My suggestions, if you’re into trying new things:

Vegan Garden Combo (on beer crust) with Vegan Italian Sausage

Vegan Barbecue (on skinny crust) with red onions, cilantro and Gardein “Chicken”

Skinny Crust w/ Olive Oil, spinach, mandarin oranges, jalapenos and vegan cheese. I haven’t named this yet, but it’s AMAZING! Any suggestions?

If you have your own favorite custom pizzas with Tomato Joe’s, share them! We can create our own vegan pizza menu with names to match. I can confirm their Whole Wheat and Gluten Free crust are both delicious as well. Also, when you stop by, remember to compliment them on their new sign. Happy Vegan Pizza Day!


If you missed the Vegan Cooking Class…

Afghanstani-Vegan Goodness

Afghanistani-Vegan Goodness

25 people signed up for the class, with a full waiting list of people sitting idle though we only had about 15 people that actually showed up. Still, I consider it a pretty good turnout for a vegan cooking event in Santa Clarita. I found out that the Valencia Library actually paid and sponsored the event themselves with some grant money they received. I would like to give a big thanks to them for funding a great event, as well as a big thanks to Zel and Reuben Allen for supplying the recipes, ingredients, cookware and creating a fun learning environment.

I must say that the class was more fun and comprehensive than I expected. The class consisted of several different stations with everyone in the class broken into groups  and working on a different recipe. At the end we put all of the different dishes together and had a neat vegan buffet, Afghan style!

I spoke with the Library Manager after the class and told her how much fun it was, urging her to have more events like this. We definitely had room for more people, so next time something like this comes along and the class if supposedly “full”, just crash it and hang out. Free vegan food is reason enough to show up anywhere.

Souplantation 8/18 – 8/29

Souplantation of Valencia will have some great vegan offerings for the rest of the month. At the salad bar look for the Baja Bean and Cilantro, Roasted Potato w/ Chipotle Chile Vinaigrette, and the Spicy Southwestern Pasta.

The soup bar has the Santa Fe Black Bean Chili and the brand new Sweet Tomato Onion which I tried on Saturday and enjoyed. So, there you go FIVE vegan items at the SCV-Splaytion to go check out.

SCVegan Stickers

SCVegan Stickers

I had some stickers made to help promote this blog. You can grab some at Whole Foods-Valencia on the community bulletin board. When you enter through front doors, go to your right towards the restrooms and the bulletin board is on the wall; take as many as you like. If you can’t make it there just send me an e-mail (SCVegan at gmail dot com) or leave a comment on this posting saying you need stickers and we can figure out a way to get them to you.

SCVegan swag is something I plan to have from time to time, I’ll post when I have new stuff made up and how to obtain it.

Souplantation – Vegan menu options

Souplantation - Valencia

Souplantation is one of my favorite places to eat here in the SCV. For those unfamiliar, Souplantation is a reasonably-priced buffet that features a large and extensive salad bar, soups, pastas and baked goods. Their salad bar offers freshly prepared tossed salads, fresh green lettuces, spinach or mixed greens with tons of fresh veggies to make your own salad. In addition to that they offer “prepared salads” (think potato, pasta and bean salads) some of which are also vegan. I have yet to see a vegan dish at the pasta bar but they do have several vegan soups that are available from time to time. Baked potatoes, fresh fruit, juice and tea are all available as well.

Ingredient lists for each item is available in a three-ring binder behind each buffet counter. You can view it upon request, and I have read it dozens of times. I have nearly memorized which items are vegan and which ones are not. They have these surveys that customers may fill out; so I would, and I always ask for more vegan items. I have sent e-mails making the same requests and finally I started calling their corporate phone number. Some people would say this is going a tad overboard with the whole thing, but remember that they did ask for my opinion when they handed me those surveys. Besides, for those of you whom are not willing to put yourselves out there and talk to these people then be glad that some of us are; it benefits all of us.

In my last conversation with Souplantation they told me that they have been getting lots of responses from vegans and they decided to actually add the word “VEGAN” to items in their nutritional booklets and their on-line menu. I was also told they were considering putting the word “VEGAN” to the actual name tag on the salad bar to note which items were indeed vegan. They already list “Vegetarian” on these name tags but vegetarian to them includes dairy and eggs, so if you’re not sure just check the binder. (Note: in some of the vegetarian soups there is an ingredient called “Vegetarian Base” which contains lactose, so if you see this in the ingredient binder it is not vegan).

Menu items change every two weeks and you can see what your local Souplantation is serving by checking the menu on their website. (Hint: Click “Future Menu” to see what they will be offering weeks from now). I prefer to go when there are vegan soups offered, so if I check today I can see that they are offering one vegan soup (Santa Fe black bean chili) and one vegan prepared salad (Mandarin noodles w/broccoli). Coupons are offered constantly in the paper (Sunday, L.A. Times), and you can get printable coupons e-mailed to you if you join their “Club Veg” mailing list. Coupons are usually valid up to four people so bring your friends or family and enjoy a good meal at Souplantation-Valencia.

Souplantation-Valencia is located in the Valencia Town Center @
24303 Town Center Drive, Suite 150
Valencia, CA 91351